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Session 1

From 2-6 we finished up Bryns’ (emma) and Soveliss (ali) character sheet. Alec arrived 3:30ish because religion. After that we decided to spend the next 2 hours on the actual campaign. Traveled around the market place. Jenny looked for salamander heads to no avail. Jenny also attempted to bite off Scramples The Hobos hand, only failed and peeled the skin off. Seeing she couldn’t take off his hand, she bit his ankle, causing a large bit of pain for the man. This started a fight (more likely a riot) and then she turned into a black rabbit and fled. Everyone else was at the tavern. She convened with them and then the group went to the Brothel, only to be kicked out by the owner because he didn’t want the Champions to get diseased. They then went to the Church, Jenny caused a ruckus with Druid powers, causing dead leaves to fall from the roof, and the priest to turn a dark red color. The priest proved to ignore it. Finally they left the church, only to be shoved to the docks by Horace. Horace chided them for taking so long and put them by the boats on the docks. Each king blessed their champion and they set off to sea. On their first night, Soveliss and Bryn woke up to things messing around on deck. They woke the others, and they all decided that Jenny should turn into a mouse to check out the scene after seeing nothing, she went back down. Leyah and Ulrich then decided to go up and check it out. They were attacked by tar hands and combat began. The session ended with most of the hands dead and 6 new tar monsters invading the ship.


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